About me

Currently based in Finland and actively involved in consulting and mentoring students, graduates and start-up founders. As an experienced Independent consultant, I have focused my career in creating values for companies in both B2B and B2C sectors. I believe that a company cannot function and develop without a high-end strategy, and this is when I come into play. As a professional technology consultant, I received a complete education in Engineering, Business and Healthcare Informatics. I have partnered with both SME’s and growth companies to facilitate their new market strategies. Although in the last years I have predominantly worked in executive positions, I have a solid IT background that enabled me to gain valuable IT hard skills. Therefore, I am always able to step up and help if employees need my assistance.

As a passionate IT specialist, I never stop learning and opening new career perspectives. Every project and workplace provided with first-hand experience and valuable knowledge that I apply on a day-to-day basis. I believe that Information Technology and Strategy Consulting are the fields that have endless learning possibilities, and I take every chance to develop my skills and discover something new and exciting. Having extensive experience of working as a Director, Business Adviser, and Team Leader, I perfectly know what it means to work in a team. I ensure that every team member has enough opportunities to express themselves and feel appreciated. There is nothing more efficient than taking care of your employees and making sure that they work in physically and emotionally comfortable conditions. All throughout my professional career I utilized by advanced communication skills. Being in charge of a project, I always do my best to create a nourishing atmosphere, in which the requirements and needs of all stakeholders are adequately met.


My current and previous employment provided me with necessary practice of my hard and soft skills. I have an extensive expertise in: – Team management. Working in a team is a valuable skill, and being able to manage one is crucial for every company. When team members’ wellbeing is low, the final product might be of a poor quality. Therefore, I always follow the latest trends and methods of team management to ensure every employee feels valued. – IT Consulting. Having a tech background, I am capable of delivering valuable advisory on the implementation and maintenance of IT in your business. A modern company that is aimed at boosting its sales can never stay outside of the massively developing IT world. – Strategy Consulting. Looking for new markets to enter? I will do an extensive competitor research, and will offer you a tailor-made strategy plan basing on both my findings and personal experience in the field.

All through my professional way, I strive for the best and was eager to aim high. I have accumulated professional skills that are sufficient to pursue goals of my multi-faceted career. I position myself as an experienced IT Specialist and a passionate Business Consultant who is capable of managing risks and enabling a productive team work. I started working when I was doing my Bachelor’s at the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. My career stared with the position as a ICT intern in the Czech Republic.

After this experience, I realized how important IT are for modern companies, and I started to explore the ways how I can help businesses to implement crucial technologies to their practices. I selected a different career path and worked as Technology Business Analyst for two Estonian Start-Ups simultaneously. I became a crucial manager in both companies as I possessed the skills and personal qualities to coordinate their early stage operations.

When I worked in Business Development, my duties were to ensure proper communication between the project stakeholders, to create project plan, to supervise the project execution and promote it among the target audience. Besides, my additional responsibilities were in product development, service design and digital transformation exercise as well as progress and quantity assessment. My most recent employment history is represented by the consulting-related positions.

I started my career at Mivisions International OU,Estonia as a Market Entry Consultant, and currently I occupy the position of a Senior Business Consultant. On this position I am responsible for risk management, market entry strategies development, team development and other aspects related to business growth, healthcare technology solutions and other business expansion strategies. In 2019, I am employed by Robuntu osk , I was responsible for Technology & Business Development. Alongside my team, we developed strategies for new product design, and supervise the project execution, starting from idea inception and ending with product launch. Moreover, I do active research in order to find opportunities of internationalization of the business and new market entry.